Saturday, August 02, 2008

Winston Peters has another target

Therese Arse-neau is about to get a virutal boot up the arse from Winston Peters. This from the country's most improved newspaper .
What really concerns me about Winston Peters' behaviour in the last week is that it is mudslinging that I think really does turn the public off."

She was concerned that some people might be so disillusioned they would not bother to vote. Dr Arseaneau said Mr Peters was trying to get 5 percent of the vote so his party could survive.
Prime Minister Helen Clark said after a meeting with Mr Peters on Tuesday she accepted his assurances no laws had been broken and on Wednesday said she retained confidence in him.

Dr Arseneau said there were important questions to be answered.

"I think when you get down to the very basics of representative democracy, ....this is absolutely vital."

The focus appeared to be on legality.

"I actually think the key issue here is the ethics of what he's done and in terms of ethics he clearly does have a responsibility to answer some questions".
And in terms of ethics the PM has an equal responsibility to ask those questions and relay those answers to the pubic.

And isn't Arseneau an awful name to spell. The NZPA thought so.




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