Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Durrant: Kids are most likely naughty because they are sick

The experts state that kids who are naught don't need a smack. At least, not in public. If you take your children to the supermarket and they are naughty, it's probably because they are not feeling well. If you see a naughty child and you give that "sort it out" look to the parent, perhaps you are unaware that the child most likely has just been taken to the doctor and the family is just shopping at the supermarket on the way home.

Chief worldwide anti-smacking stirrer Joan Durrant has taken her kids to the supermarket. She's in the country for a conference to discuss the smacking of children.
This has happened to me. People look at you and think 'she is a bad parent' or 'that kid needs a good smack'. But what they don't know is that my child was sick and I took him to the supermarket before he got over his sickness. All I had to do was to take him home
And smack him in private, no doubt.

I bet you there were no children at the conference.




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