Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One big fat voting bribe

National has pledged to keep Working for Families intact to please the rich.

It is not keeping the WFF it should have kept - that is, reducing it for those who earn more than $50,000 and eliminating it for those who earn $100,000. Those people get to keep their tax cuts and WFF because they need their certainty.
Despite concerns we hold about the system, I consider that offering people certainty is much more important in these tough economic times," [Key] said.
These people don't need certainty, they need to learn how to budget.

Furthermore, those who earn over $60,000 and get a pay increase or promotion get to keep around 10% of it if they have kids due to the abatements in WFF, the accommodation supplement and the tax rate. Better to have another child for financial security and less job stress - and you get to take parental leave in the process, often topped up by the employer.

Employer groups should be having a chat to National about this. WFF should be for those who need it, not for those who either can't budget or mortgage themselves to the hilt.

Or both.




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