Sunday, August 31, 2008

Has NZ First made false declarations?

It's actually a pity that people will be judging Helen Clark based on Winston Peters' behaviour. Peters may have been stood down but he still gets to keep his ministerial house and other baubles, as well as his staff who can now spend more time assisting Winston campaigning to get back into Parliament after the election.

Which is exactly what Helen Clark wants Peters to do, because her only hope of getting into power is if Winston and his party are alongside her.

Peters' lawyer, Peter Williams, maintains that Peters will be cleared today by the SFO, as all the money has gone to NZ First, even if it was channeled to other trusts. I'm not so sure that will be the end of it. If the money has been channeled to NZ First through trusts, perhaps Peter Williams can tell us why it wasn't it declared? As DPF has said, if Williams is correct, NZ First has forwarded a false donation declaration for years on end.

And I believe Helen Clark is aware of this. She should tell us what she knows about that, too. But she'll no doubt tell us that it is NZ First issue, not an issue that Winston Peters was responsible for.

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