Friday, August 29, 2008

I thought so: Labour did know about the $100,000

I have long suspected that Labour has known that Owen Glenn gave Winston Peters $100,000.

Yesterday I opined just that:
I wonder if Labour knew about the donation,as if they did they are protecting someone who knowingly lied, while publicly maintaining they have to take an honourable member at his word.
Today it was conformed that Labour has known that Owen Glenn gave Winston Peters $100,000 - because Owen Glenn told Helen Clark as much in February.
Helen Clark said today that billionaire Owen Glenn told her in February that he donated $100,000 to New Zealand First.
This is big news. And it was revealed just after NZ First committed to the ETS bill. Surprise, surprise.
The Prime Minister then put that information to the party's leader Winston Peters at the time and he gave her an assurance that the party had not received money from Mr Glenn.This new information this morning means Helen Clark has known for months of the conflicting sides of the story which were publicly revealed yesterday in letters to Parliament's privileges committee.
Clark says Peters' handling of the issue "obviously leaves a great deal to be desired".

So does her unethical handling of the issues. So she has to take Peters at his word. But not Benson-Pope. I wonder if the climate change bill will be given urgency. It has its second reading today.

What an utter disgraceful way for a Prime Minister to behave. At least we now know Winston Peters will now not be part of a National Government as he will be unable to give a credible explanation to back up his version of events.

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