Friday, August 29, 2008

SFO to investigate Peters/International news media rapidly posting stories

The Serious Fraud Office is to investigate donations made to NZ First.
The story is now worldwide, International Herald Tribune, The Australian, Fiji Broadcasting Corporation(which describes Peters as a former Foreign Minister), Herald/Sun, Sydney Morning Herald, Khaleej Times, ABC.

Director of the Serious Fraud Office Grant Liddell said the focus of the investigation of " serious and complex fraud" will be donations made to the party by Sir Robert Jones and the Vela family which may not have reached their intended destinations.Earlier today Mr Peters challenged the Serious Fraud Office to "either lay charges or to shut up and go away."

So they decided they wouldn't shut up. Or go away.

Mr Peters responded that the investigation was "ridiculous in the extreme" and his party would meet it "head on".He said the SFO had not spoken to him yet and if they had the matter would be cleared up. He claimed the office was motivated by a past grudge against him for criticising it.

Could it be that Winston Peters may be stood down as early as tomorrow, and replaced by Phil Goff?

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