Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gone by....time

The word is that Winston Peters will be sacked today, once Helen Clark has had a talk to him this morning. Journalists have been asking why Helen Clark had not revealed that she knew about Glenn's $100,000 donation. She was asked again yesterday, and her reply was that no-one had asked her.

Except they had. The very day she found out
Bill English: Can the Prime Minister tell the House whether her coalition partner New Zealand First has advised her whether Owen Glenn is the mystery anonymous donor who placed nearly $100,000 in the New Zealand First bank account last year, and if not, does she intend to ask New Zealand First in order to find out whether a donation may have affected Winston Peters’ consideration of who to appoint as consul to Monaco?
Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: No, I cannot advise that nor can I advise the House of any of the anonymous donors to the National Party.

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