Monday, September 01, 2008

Cullen has lost the plot: Clark didn't get the cash

When John Key ruled out working with Winston Peters after the election unless this donation scandal was resolved, Michael Cullen said it was statement with "wriggle room". Key has now removed the wriggle and ruled out working with Winston Peters or NZ First outright after the election. So Cullen said Key was disregarding natural justice and not letting inquiries finish before passing judgement. He said Owen Glenn was "confused".

It's a pity Cullen didn't criticise Peter's lawyer Peter Williams, who believes that if Peters' donations arrangements were above board that the fact that he has not declared donations as required was irrelevant.

"Oh, I don' t know about that rubbish , I couldn't discuss that", Williams said, but added there was no evidence of fraud.

So Cullen thinks it is fine not to declare donations as well, I wonder? As for Helen Clark's opinion, she wont give it as she's refusing to talk to the media, because she doesn't want to tell them that the reason she did not reveal what she knew about Glenn's donation to Peters is because she was trying to get money out of Glenn herself - via Mike Williams - as Labour is short of cash, and to reveal what she knew earlier may mean that Labour missed out on Glenn's cash.

They missed out anyway.

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