Monday, June 15, 2009

Media provides clues to the identity of Richard Worth's Korean woman

Not too long ago, the NZ Herald may well have inadvertently provided a clue as to the identity of the Korean woman who spent the night with Richard Worth and, I was told, apparently had a karaoke session with him at A Taste of Korea.

This report notes that the Korean woman was part-owner of several companies. One of these companies was put into liquidation this year, at the request of creditors who were owed $245,000 A private investigation firm had wanted to serve court documents on the woman relating to mortgage non-payment to the Bank of New Zealand for four homes, each valued at around $600,000. That's well over $2 million.

The woman was also a subject of an investigation after a run in with another man, a Korean business leader. This news was reported in a Korean newspaper at the time. The Korean newspaper also published this article on the Worth hotel liaison the same weekend as the NZ Herald article and mentioned her surname and the fact that her friend went the the police station with her to lodge a complaint, and according to this report, also went to National list MP Tau Henare so he could inform John Key. Worth subsequently resigned as a minister and then from parliament.

A check of the Companies Office records under the woman's surname as listed in the Korean article provides a record of a certain businesswoman who is part-owner in a number of companies, one of which was put into liquidation in February of this year with arrears to a number of suppliers. I was advised that this woman's business partner is apparently fairly well-known in the Indian community. His last known address is a pretty comfy place; but two, not one, of his companies were placed in liquidation - one last year as he was unable to pay a $1 million loan and an $800,000 liability. He was the sole director of the trust that held the shares in both companies.Both him and his female Korean business partner are currently running companies.

To date nobody has publicly named the woman. Neither will I. Its not in the public interest. But Richard Worth seems to get involved with some dodgy people.....

update .... like Labour activist Neelam Choudhary, who with her husband also owned companies - one of which the latter signed off as director after he got convicted, but David Farrar has covered this.




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