Thursday, June 11, 2009

Neelam Choudary: Goff admits that Worth didn't mention see through clothing

Phil Goff is looking more and more like an idiot by the hour now we see his attempts to get political gain have backfired.

Goff claimed that Richard Worth sent text messages to Neelam Choudary regarding a transparent garment.
These texts were several invitations to go swimming, late-night texts to go out to dinner, an invitation to go on holiday in India with Dr Worth, and to wear see-through clothing.
Now Goff says Worth actually used the term ‘zardosi’. The statement tabled in Parliament that Goff relied on and no doubt approved was actually written by a Labour staff member, who listened to Mrs Choudary by phone and did not even take the statement down word for word. The statement never mentioned that Goff knew about the initial cafe meeting between Choudary and Worth, or even that it took place. It didn't mention any late nigh dinner invites nor invites to go on holiday in India. In fact she was in India for a period of time she was texted.

The statement was tabled in Parliament more than a month after John Key was informed by Goff about the texts. In other words Goff did have a bit of time to get it right.

The statement did mention a transparent garment. But no texts or phone calls were made regarding a transparent garment - the word zardosi was used. Goff has interpreted zardosi to mean a transparent garment because it sounds salacious. Zardosi is not very transparent, actually. Zar means 'gold' and dosi means 'embroidery. Garments are made of such material and are often used in bollywood films, of which Worth is a fan of. Zardosi is in fact defined as:
an intricate hand embroidery using gold, silver or multi-colored wire on a variety of fabrics. Traditional garment from India.
No wonder Goff didn't want to get that particular text out in a hurry. Did Goff ask Choudary if it was deleted? Also did Goff ask Choudary to take down her Facebook page. Here's the cache of that page. If you want to read more on this drama I'm not stopping you.

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