Saturday, January 17, 2009

Brad Shipton and parole

So, Brad Shipton was alleged to have met co-offender Peter McNamara, a breach of his parole conditions. So noting that Shiptons lawyer provided video evidence that he was in Auckland at the time, surely police will investigate the false complaint? Lets hope the Minister will ask Barry Matthews why a Parole Board meeting was called, and why Corrections didn't even bother to find out where Shipton was. At the same time she should haul in the Police Commissioner to find out why the police contacted Corrections to do an investigation it should have done in the first place, and why Police aren't arresting people when they have all the information needed.

Given that police probably have a name and address of the person they could be after, that doesn't mean that police will make an arrest, even if the media gets involved - unless of course the cops are flying around in planes observing traffic.
There has been a huge increase in the number of cellphone calls advising of bad driving and the cops-in-the-sky will be able to follow up on complaints quickly.
Perhaps the police on the ground could respond to complaints as well as the cops in the sky - without it having to be a traffic offence.

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