Monday, December 29, 2008

Child abuse and prostitution

Make a list of all the child abuse murders in the past five years. Look at the family structure. Put a tick against the families whose adults are not married. Put a tick against the families that are Maori. Put another tick against families that have a beneficiary. Tell the media what proportion of families have at least two ticks, and how many have three.

But just before you do that, contact a Maori and a former prostitute for comment. Two recommendations would be Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro and Prostitutes Collective head Catherine Healy. Give them the results. Ask them why sex workers are safer on the streets than kids in at-risk families in their own homes. Ask Healy what proportion of street workers are married and non-Maori - and how many were abused as children.

Given that Bob McCoskrie from Family First is accessible to and can access the media frequently, perhaps that's something he could do, given his views on prostitution and child abuse.

Here's a start:

February 2006 3 year old Ngatikaura Ngati suffered heavy bruising and wounds to his arms, legs, chest, face and groin. The mother, 32, and stepfather, 27, each face a charge of murder, child cruelty and failing to provide the necessaries of life. Both found guilty of manslaughter – sentenced to 8.5 years each. Up for parole in less than four years.

March 2007 - A woman whose baby, Cheyenne Petersen, drowned after she allegedly abandoned it in bush near Parua Bay, near Whangarei, pleased guilty to manslaughter She was high on P at the time and later charged with manslaughter. She got a reduced two-and-a-half years prison term as she was a drug addict.

May 2007 26 -year old solo mother of five admitted infanticide after an initial charge of murder was dropped. She was sentenced her to two years' intensive supervision and 100 hours of community work. Supervision includes treatment for alcohol abuse.

June 2007 - Sachin Dhani (16 months) dies after beatingwhile in care of a relative

June 2007 - 28-year-old woman charged with murdering her newborn baby found dead in the backyard of a Te Mome Road property in Alicetown.

June 2007 - Death of 22 month old Tyla-Maree Darryl Flynn from severe burns while being cared for by step-father. A 30 year old man charged but he caused a car accidentkilling another person - possibly while drunk. As he died in the accident he could not be convicted.

July 2007 3-year-old Nia Glassie was brain damaged after months of assaults by stepfather, grandfather and extended family. Her family is backgrounded here.

September 2007 Ten-month-old Jyniah Mary Te Awa died in Starship Hospital after receiving a suspicious "non-accidental brain injury". Tiana Mary-Anne Odessa Kapea, a baby sitter, was convicted of her murder.

November 2007Azees Mahomed, 29, is to stand trial in 2009 for the murder of his 11-week-old daughter Tahani Mahomed. The girl's mother will also face charges of failing to provide the necessaries of life and one of neglect.

1 Jan 2008 Two-month-old Tahani Mahomed died at 5am New Years Day. Police have interviewed her 29-year-old father and 24-year-old mother. Her two-year-old sister was taken into the care of Child, Youth and Family. Her Father (29) was charged with the murder and a 24-year-old woman was arrested and charged with failing to provide "the necessities of life".

April 2008 Three-year old Dylan Hohepa Tonga Rimoni dies of 'unexplained head injuries' while in care of his foster parents April 18, 2008. A 36-year-old woman was charged with murder as well as two charges of causing him grievous bodily harm and assault.

July 2008 - Duwayne Toetu Taote Pailegutu (7). His stepfather Johnny Pukerua Ioakimo Joachim, (37) pleaded guilty to murder. The boy's mother has also appeared in court, charged with failing to provide the necessities of life. CYF twice notified but did not investigate.

December 2008- 16-month old Riley Justin Osborne. Beneficiary stepfather (22) charged with murder.

Here's some cases where nobody was convicted of murder or manslaughter.

* Raiden Niania, 4 months. Father Arthur Niania found not guilty of shaken-baby manslaughter after his second trial. First trial had to be aborted.

* Alyssa Wilson, 4 months old. Father - boxer and playstation addict went through three trials, the last of which was aborted. No further trials so charge withdrawn. No one will ever be held accountable.

* Chris and Cru Kahui, 3 months. Father Chris Kahui charged with murder but found not guilty. No one else is expected to face charges.

UPDATE Well, that didn't take long - another child dies - under CYFS care. More details when they come to hand.

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