Thursday, June 11, 2009

Richard Worth's Korean woman

Well now that Neelam Choudary's name is in the public domain as the Indian woman that Worth was texting, who is the Auckland Korean woman who was, shall we say, also friendly with Richard Worth?

Reports have said that she is a 45-year old Korean businesswoman who came to New Zealand in 2000, studied, and went into property development. She is a mother of three children, divorced and a prominent member of the Korean community. She is part-owner of several companies.Both her and Worth were at the Government's Commonwealth Day Observance reception in Wellington on the evening of March 9.

Some questions:
Did this mysterious Korean woman meet the Korean Ambassador on 5 March? Was Richard Worth anywhere near?

Did she attend last year's Korean Film Festival, of which the Korean ambassador is a patron?

If so, was one of the films she watched called Seducing Mr Perfect?

Does she she know the vice-chairperson of the trust that co-ordinated the film festival as well as Richard Worth does?

As a businesswoman, does she have any association with any of the businesses in the Korea New Zealand Business Council?

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