Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What I saw

I was looking at this profile of a Labour activist last night and wondered how " strikingly beautiful" she would appear to a certain person who is one of her Facebook friends.

Then I saw this.
One was a married woman who had stood unsuccessfully for selection as a candidate for Labour Party nomination in last year's election, so presumably knows which way is up.
Then this.
After the meeting Koro Tawa was warmly congratulated by Labour List candidate, Mr. Raymond Huo and by fellow nominee, Neelam Choudary.
Even my wife things she is strikingly beautiful.

Then I saw this from Whale Oil. He beat me to it.

Also a Neelam Choudary is married to a Kumar Akkineni Choudary who was found guilty of an immigration scam last year. Neelam Choudary was also in the know and you can read about that here. Is this the Neelam Choudary Richard Worth has been sending text messages to, if she is married to Kumar, Worth has hit on a woman who tried to get selection as a Labour candidate into Parliament while her husband was conducting an immigration scam.

update Here's an article about Choudary's sari demonstration.
Red is regarded as an auspicious colour and is commonly worn by brides because it has several emotional, sexual and fertility-related qualities.White is regarded as pure. black is the colour of sorrow and ill omen while yellow is traditionally regarded as the colour of religion and asceticism.
Anybody know Richard Worth's favourite colour?

More on the story here.

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Blogger Baljit Grewal said...

u Were right on the money!

June 10, 2009 at 9:25 PM  

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