Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Neelam Choudary hoped to remain anonymous

So Phil Goff was trying to ensure Choudary's name remained anonymous Why? Because Choudary has been campaigning and canvassing for the Indian vote for the Labour candidate for the Mt Albert by-election to be held on Saturday.

A person who is known for seeking nomination as an candidate fir a general election while her husband was scamming people is not really the sort of person Labour wants to be associated with in a by-election campaign.Which is also why she was not the Labour nominee for Botany in the last election. Just ask someone who is involved in the current Mt Albert campaign. Like this woman.

So why did Goff she was "strikingly beautiful"? To uplift her given that her husband was strikingly criminal?Why now that Choudary is outed does Goff want to move on?

Update And Goff knew about the meeting in the cafe between Worth and Choudary last year all along before one text message was sent.

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