Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mt Albert by-election

Today’s the day we find out if Mt Albert gets an electorate MP who is not already in Parliament. To do this, Labour would haveto win the by-election. Pity though that of the top four contenders, none live in Mt Albert, so can’t vote.

We should know the result about 10pm tonight. They`ll be posted here. If you like lamingtons, go to John Boscawan’s party. If you don't want Labour door knocking at your house today with a plug for Labour, go to the police when they do.

I suspect most of the country don’t even know there is a by-election today. It's been such a boring by-election. Richard Worth should have been a candidate. That would have been fun especially if he had have won. Resign from Parliament one day, get elected the next.

UpdateWell, 80% of vote counted, Shearer has 62% of them. Jackson Wood has eight. Thats eight votes, not 8%. Will he reach double figures. Doubt it. Cannabis Party, Kiwi Party and United Future neck and neck on 80. Soooo exciting! That's the real contest.

If a cat called Ed Pussy stood for Labour he'd have got more than half the votes too. Do the people in Mt Albert have no brains?

update 2 It's over. Shearer wins with 63% of the vote with an increased majority in terms of proportion of the vote at the 08 Election. Jackson Wood increases his vote by 22.2% over 5 minutes - biggest late increase of them all. He got 0.045% of the vote, nearly twice as much as Rusty Kane. Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party ripped ahead of United Future by three votes. 85:82. They`ll be having a celebratory joint right now with the Kiwi Party candidate as we speak,as that candidate also got 85.

Gee, that was an exciting close by-election. Meh.




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