Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What is the election about?

John Armstrong, in the Herald wrote this today
The election is no longer about tax. It is about which party can best convince the voters its policies will shorten the length and depth of that recession.
It is a pity he is not correct. The election should be about policy. But the electorate doesn't care about policy - if it did it would be asking for policy at public meetings, demanding policy via letters to newspaper editors, and at Marae gatherings.

How many of you know which party has policies that will shorten recessions?

This election is about which parties the voters would like to see form a government. You can bet most people who support NZ First have no clue as to what its policies are. And as for the people who support Christian Heritage, who does not exist, its obvious that ideology, rather than policies, is what people vote for.Some even vote for personalities. If Sarah Palin was the Prime Minister of this country, I've no doubt Labour would be much higher in the polls.

But I'm not sure that Helen Clark winking at TV cameras will lift Labour's poll rating. But if she was to resign it may.

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