Sunday, October 05, 2008

What this election is about

Helen Clark is saying the election is about trust. She should provide some reasons why she should be trusted.

I have been saying this election will be about who the Maori Party will side with. Problem, is that the Maori Party does not trust Helen Clark or John Key. They both know it. So the Maori Party has made it about furthering Maori aspirations with the lesser of the two evils.
John Key has made this election about who he can work with. Labour has made it about trust providing plenty of reasons why it shouldn't be trusted, Act has made it about about tax and United Future is making it about keeping Government honest. The Family Party has made it about God and the Kiwi Party about allowing smacking. The Greens haven’t made it about anything – it just wants people to vote for them.

And as usual, NZ First is all about Winston Peters. Perhaps he should be having the billboards that say ‘vote for me'. What a pity not one of the parties are making this election about their policies on the bigger issues like health, education, welfare and the economy.
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