Tuesday, September 02, 2008

When no means yes and yes means no

When Winston Peters put up his famous " no" sign in February, meaning that he did not receive a donation from Owen Glenn, Clark knew no meant yes. Now Labour has said that National were tipped off by the Serious Fraud Office as to its investigation on NZ First and and has asked it to come clean. So Key came clean and denied that the SFO had tipped National off. He said No.

I'm sure Clark privately believes this no means no, just like she knew Winston's no meant yes - but, if asked, she'll never say yes when asked if Key's no means no, she'll say it is a matter for Mr Key. If she says yes, Key's no means yes, her response is akin to Key's no meaning yes, and Winston Peters' no meaning no - which she wanted the public to believe even when she knew it was not the truth.

Perhaps she only takes honourable members at their word, even if that word is not the truth, but ordinary members don't make the cut, even when their word is the truth.

Update The Serious Fraud Office has denied leaking anything to anyone making Helen Clark look like a bit of a fool. I wonder if Helen Clark knew this before accusing National of denying a leak that didn't exist? Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest as Clark is currently demonstrating the behavioural traits of a vindictive old cow.

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