Friday, August 29, 2008

Timeline: Helen Clark and the $100,000 donation

Here's a brief timeline which I may add to later.

February 20 Helen Clark said that donations, scholarships and his success as a businessman earned Glenn his New Year's Honour.

February 20: Dail Jones advises that NZ First had large anonymous donation - "probably close to $100,000 than $10,000" - and Winston Peters is furious the media knows about it Glenn has hinted that he gave a large donation. TVNZ reported that Glenn had made a substantial donation to NZ FIrst.

February 21 Helen Clark knew Glenn gave a donation to Winston Peters because Owen Glenn told her in the presence of Trevor Mallard when Glenn opened the Owen Glenn School of Business at Auckland University. He also told her that Peters had asked for the money. Peters subsequently denied this to the PM.

February 21 in Parliament
Hon Bill English: Can the Prime Minister tell the House whether her coalition partner New Zealand First has advised her whether Owen Glenn is the mystery anonymous donor who placed nearly $100,000 in the New Zealand First bank account last year, and if not, does she intend to ask New Zealand First in order to find out whether a donation may have affected Winston Peters’ consideration of who to appoint as consul to Monaco?Hon Dr MICHAEL CULLEN: No, I cannot advise that nor can I advise the House of any of the anonymous donors to the National Party,

February 25 (Newstalk ZB)
Presenter:Do you believe that Owen Glenn gave substantial money to New Zealand First to help them pay their electoral spending bill?
Clark: ‘Well, that—that’s a matter for New Zealand First to answer, isn’t it. It’s not a matter for me.

February 28 Winston Peters' "NO" media conference

June 20: Helen Clark refused to comment on the any donations, saying it was an internal matter for NZ First. (Thats because she know that the donation was given.)

July 14 Speculation about a Glenn donation revives after e-mails from the billionaire to a public relations firm emerge. They appear to confirm a donation had been made.
Helen Clark said the donation controversy is an internal matter for New Zealand First but said it did
not relate to Mr Peters' foreign affairs portfolio,
in which he conducted himself with integrity.

July 16 Helen Clark did not want to be drawn further on the matter of donations: "I'm not commenting on anything to do with funding New Zealand First may or may not have received.

July 18 Peters admits to Glenn donation

This exchange was on 22 July
John Key: Will the Prime Minister be giving Winston Peters her express permission, as required by paragraph 2.79 of the Cabinet Manual, to retain the $100,000 he received from Owen Glenn; if not, why not?

Rt Hon HELEN CLARK: I would need to take advice on what the issue is where a donation has been made anonymously, and then is later declared publicly because Mr Peters’ lawyer has advised him of the facts. I would note that the word of an honourable member is always accepted in this House. Further, Mr Peters’ lawyer, Mr Henry, has entirely backed what Mr Peters has said. Mr Henry, of course, has professional obligations to the Law Society

Apart from the fact that Clark knew that Peters knew about the donation.

Also that same day "In his position, I'd be embarrassed if that was what I was told after making clear denials ... I'm in the position that Mr Peters is an honourable member and I must accept his word, unless I have evidence to the contrary."

Which she did.

I have not known Mr Peters to lie to me, and I have to take people as I find them, she said, yesterday.

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