Saturday, August 30, 2008

Bloggers and journalists - do this test

Those who have recently sorrowed over the question of who a real journalist is (as opposed to one of these upstart bloggers), can now rest easy. David Cohen of the NBR has compiled a failsafe test. Incidentially, Cohen was the first journalist I ever discussed journalism with.

Okay, it is clearly difficult to reach a definitive answer of exactly what constitutes a journalist – but many factors could be taken into account. On their own each factor wouldn’t necessarily be a test or journo or non-journo, but together perhaps they make a journalist. Take the 5-minute test, scoring one point for every Yes response:
If you answered Yes:0-5 times – Get back into your pyjamas. Sorry, you ain’t enough of a journalist to be entrusted with sharpening the newsroom pencils.

6-10 times – You may be a legend among the 10 people who frequent your blog, but you’re not exactly major league.

11-15 times – Hmm, maybe you could be considered a mid-grade hack.

15-plus – Wow, you’re a pro!

According to Cohen, I`m a mid-grade hack. I got the same score as David Farrar - who did pretty well seeing he hasn't got a journalism qualification and as far as I am aware, doesn't know shorthand, and doesn't get paid for blogging. And the writers of The Standard, who wanted press credentials to get into the National Party conference, would not even be entrusted with sharpening the newsroom pencils. But I did note there was no question on HTML.




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