Saturday, September 20, 2008

NZ Defence Force feels threatened by the media

In this months issue of Air Force News [PDF} we read the threat to the NZDF assets and information comes from a variety of sources; foreign intelligence, terrorists – and the media
Despite New Zealand’s remote geographical location, the threat to NZDF assets and information is real and comes from a variety of sources. They include: certain elements of the media some of whom are known to have used deception in their pursuit of the next ‘big scoop. The best thing you can do is to stay vigilant and report suspicious activity no matter how insignificant it might seem.
So the NZDF’s Counter Intelligence and Security Operations Manager Peter Jackson is suspicious of the media. Perhaps he is more concerned with the threat to the NZDF’s reputation, which is sinking by the month.

It didn’t help that its Annual report stated that the Air Force had "insufficient personnel" to meet crew levels and was only "partially prepared" for complex maritime air operations. In the Navy, few of the ships managed to get out to.

Land forces were "partially" prepared for low level conflicts, it was not equipped to meet higher threat situations. There are deficiencies in command and control, firepower, and compatible protection and mobility for combat service support elements impair effectiveness in military and peace support operations.

If the NZDF doesn't want negative press, it's simple - don't generate it. It has more to be concerned about than media reports. Like flying, sailing and fighting - and recruiting people to fly, sail and fight when it is eventually in a position to give new recruits something to do.




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