Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Henry has told the truth

Updated midday
This is big news. Brian Henry lied to the privileges committee when he denied that it was Winston Peters who was his "client" in an email to Owen Glenn on 14 December 2005.

Henry and Peters have changed their stories and Henry has conceded the "client" was Winston Peters.

He made the admission in an appearance before Parliament's privileges committee via video-link today.

Last week, Owen Glenn produced phone records showing he talked to Peters on December 14, 2005. Soon after Henry sent Glenn an email with his bank details.

Glenn produced that e-mail to the select committee, and it showed Henry referred to the phone conversation with "my client" at the precise time of the phone call.

Mr Henry has previously denied the "client" was Mr Peters but today he said the pair's recollection of events was poor and their earlier story did not now seem correct.

In other words, they have been caught out lying and Winston Peters has instructed his lawyer not to lie anymore because the lies cannot be seen as credible anymore. Is this the end of Henry's career or is perjury allowed if you work for "free"?

I wonder what the party's Kaikoura electorate chairman thinks of this.

But Clark won't sack Peters, unless she considers this news meets the test of "devastating". She should, but probably won't.

Well done Rodney Hide.




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