Saturday, September 20, 2008

Charles Chauvel's vote winning strategy

Charles Chauvel put a billboard up around the corner from our house. His website is down because it breaches the Electoral Finance Act but another new website details his achievements - like his proud contribution towards free healthcare for those under six. Trouble is that the main medical centre in his electorate charges at least $15 per visit for under sixes.

How can Chauvel say that he is proud of his achievements in his electorate in his area as a Labour MP when the policy was a NZ First policy as part of its 2005 coalition agreement with Labour,and the local medical centre doesn't provide free care to under sixes?

Chauvel wasn't even in Parliament back then because he didn't get elected, he got in off the list mid-term because Helen Clark wanted him in.

Perhaps he doesn't know what goes on his electorate. He should, if he wants people to vote for him. He should also be honest in what he has contributed to his electorate as an MP.

His contribution to date has been advertising revenue for local newspapers for his clinics to promote himself.

But we paid for that through our taxes.




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