Friday, August 08, 2008

the F word at WINZ

I'm not so fussed that Sue Bradford used the F word in Parliament to draw attention to conflict at Work and Income as much as I am that the word was actually whispered by a case manager to a beneficiary who was refused a food grant.

But at Work and Income the F word is common as it is among MPs usage of it outside the House.In some cases people resort to violence. I understand that happens amongst MPs too. Just ask Trevor Mallard.

When I worked at a WINZ office my manager occasionally swore at me - as opposed to swearing to me, which he did often - using the F word, and he even assaulted another staff member outside the offices, for which he was reprimanded for.

Beneficiaries swore at me - I was even accused of swearing at a staff member when I didn't. I even called the cops at once stage when a beneficiary threatened me and would not leave when he was instructed to. He used the F word several times in every sentence every time he entered a WINZ office, and I just simply got used to it.

When he did eventually leave it is a wonder he didn't smash the door on the way out given the force that he used on it.

I think he eventually got trespassed. This is what Case Managers have to put up with quite regularly. Why do you think the Government has put security guards at each WINZ office throughout the country?.

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