Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Family Party

The website of the Family Party, headed by former United Future MP and fomer Destiny party leader Richard Lewis has gone online today. The Party has announced three candidates, the two leaders and Jerry Filipaina, who is standing in Mangere. The stated mission of the Family Party is to win the seat in Mangere off Labour.

This is the first time a minor political party is targeting an electorate with a candidate other than the leaders to get into Parliament. And if the party is successful, they`ll be the first to be so. If they are, they`ll find it impossible to stick to their principles in Parliament and make progress - particularly in a coalition as the capacity for compromise will almost negate their very reason for existence. The Family Party may say they are culturally diverse, but when it comes to some issues, a Christian Party will be put to the test, and unlike it says on its website, it won't be able to ensure that government protects and respects New Zealand’s traditional family values.

I`d say that the Family Party has as much chance of winning Mangere as they have in getting over the five percent threshold. Nice website, though.




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