Monday, December 03, 2007

Something to go to in two weeks

When I was a little younger and a DJ on Active, I used to buy lots of vinyl. Did a few live gigs as well, mainly hard house. Got to know a few of the retailers, including Tony at the Soul Mine and Colin Morris Records, both of which have since closed. One sales assistant in particular was Steve Hill, who has since travelled around the world as a DJ.

Steve's first hit “Frantic Theme (Get A Life You Drug Addicts)”, went on to sell a staggering 27,000 copies. Since then he’s been responsible for over 125 productions and remixes which have sold in excess of 400,000 singles worldwide and appeared on over 1,000,000 compilation units!

Here is his MySpace site. Steve is currently based in Sydney and is performing in Wellington on December 15 -and also at Base in Christchurch the night before. Not sure where or how much the Welli gig is, so if anyone knows could you leave a note here...

Here's a sample of his stuff here. Take a listen - it's brilliant.


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