Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wellington DHB Head quits

Margot Mains resigned a few months ago but she announced that she has quit today.

Bet Mains wouldn`t have quit had the Dominion Post not published a series of stories that Capital Coast Health has been trying to hide from the media for the past two years.Perhaps the whole board may now get fired after the report revealed 23 serious or fatal incidents at the hosptal between 2003 and 2005. That's one patient every single month
The Dominion Post first requested copies of the health board's reports, known as serious and sentinel events, in August 2005. Capital and Coast refused to release them. The newspaper made an appeal to the Office of the Ombudsmen, which consulted the Privacy Commissioner.
Ombudsman Beverley Wakem found there was a public interest in maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality in the reporting process, but she found this was outweighed by the public interest in promoting accountability. She ordered Capital and Coast to issue versions of the reports without the names of patients or health staff.

When the reports were made public this year, some contained so many deletions they were unintelligible. The Dominion Post then asked the Ombudsmen to review four cases. In one case, the health board was told to provide more information and summarise the case.
Hers the statement from Mains:
Recent events have led to a deterioration of confidence in the organization, and its quality of care delivery. It is my duty to take accountability. It is inappropriate for me to continue in the role.
Interpretation: The Dominion Post has done what I have been trying so hard for two years to prevent. Now everyone knows what a mess this place is in I may as well go now as to be effectively sacked won`t look good on my CV.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another take on this.

CCDHB instituted a "Tell us all the near misses not so we can can you but so we can do it right next time"
protocol after a couple stupid stuff ups.

This was done to improve things not to bin people and it has been working.

Now with the OIA requests all the info is out there and can be misconstrued.

The reason the DHB didn't want to release it it because having set the policy they couldn't let it out otherwise people would be binned by public opinion.

Especially When the policy was set in place to make sure all was known.
this would mean people would go back to the old "keep our mouths shut"

You have to remember too that the reason this has all come about is that "corners have been cut in the past because of deliberate under funding by the HFA.

Which is a deliberate strategy of Cullen and the treasury.

Rather like an abusive husband who keeps the purse strings tight on the wife and kids as a means of control. (not enough money to do the job!)

Personally I think the CCDHB bean counters have had NO BALLS.

In that they should have signed off on the HFA but when they got to the end of a number of funded procedures they should just turned people away with Cullen and Dear leaders mobile no's.

My wife of course just smiles benignly at me.

Do you think that this doesn't happen elsewhere in the country?
They just keep it quite.


December 6, 2007 at 6:11 AM  

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