Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MMP referendum to be held at the 2011 election

Stuff reports: that the first referendum on the MMP voting system will be held with the 2011 general election. The timeline is here.Although the proposed plan is pretty much the way I said it should be done,in terms of process, there is no mention of any attempts to address gripes within MMP , such as looking at the 5 percent threshold or mix of general or list seats within MMP before the first referendum.
"The first referendum will ask two questions: The first will ask voters if they wish to change the voting system from MMP. The second will ask what alternative voting system they would prefer, from a list of options.
And what if they wish to retain MMP with a lower threshold,a different mix of list and electorate MPs, and a change to the one seat threshold? Do we get to have a say on that? As Mai Chen says, the stability of recent MMP governments suggests that while voters may want to contemplate significant tweaking of the MMP system, they are less likely to clamour for fundamental change involving a switch to another electoral system.

But that is what they are being asked to do even though they dont want to.
Mr Power said Cabinet would make further decisions over the next few months, including drafting the questions, alternate electoral systems and how that referendum will be conducted.

"If a majority of voters opt for a change from MMP, there will be a second referendum at the 2014 general election. This will be a contest between MMP and the alternative voting system that receives the most votes in the first referendum. It will be binding.
So, it's promoted as a change from MMP. How reactionary! I'd prefer to choose an electoral system I want, not to choose between the lesser of two options that aren't as good as a revamped MMP system.
Previous Cabinet consideration** Cabinet decision on MMP process

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