Friday, February 13, 2009

That's it. I`m not voting Green again

I have voted for the Greens in previous elections. But as the Greens have refused to support the repeal of the Electoral Finance Act if means their principles are screwed on this issue. Their stand on the EFA is worse than their support of the smacking legislation. I will never vote Green again until there is a change of leadership, MPs and direction. I'd rather vote Labour than Green at the moment.

The Greens need to stop bitching that they are the only Party in Parliament that has not been in Government and start being responsible members of Parliament.

Whens the next poll?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would anyone vote for the NZ Greens, ever? Unlike overseas Greens, our version are dangerously extreme, radical Marxists, anti people, anti Pakeha, anti Colonial values; they have MP's who support criminal "rights" but don't have the firt clue about real justice, especially for the victims. Their behaviour over the EFA is typical, and how stupid, National hold the reigns of power now, the Greens had an opportunity with the Nat's here, once again they blew it. The EFA will be history anyway, with or without the watermelon Greens.

February 13, 2009 at 5:57 PM  

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