Saturday, February 14, 2009

The same old cycle

And so it goes on... This is a man who joined the Black Power at 12, didn't put his son at school until he was 12,( but a few years years later this son was breeding). A man who was happy for his other son to move in with a woman nearly twice his age five years later, he has has now joined both these sons in prison for the murder and abuse of Nia Glassie, the child of the woman his son moved in with. Another of this man's sons had already killed himself. You can read more about this family here in an earlier blog post Inside the chaotic home of Nia Glassie.

The guy is simply a loser. As are his sons. The family was more dysfunctional than the Kahui family. Now we are paying $270,000 every year to keep these losers in prison. We should put them all in the same cell to save some money - call it a family cell. They could share food as well. Then spend the money saved on truancy officers to keep kids in school.

What would have prevented this? I'm not sure but what I am sure if is that if all these three men went to school and got a decent education instead of bumming around at home smoking dope, drinking and playing playstation games they would not have had time to do all this abuse. What I have noticed is that many of these Maori families who, abuse kids, tag garages, and commit crime do not have a good education, therefore they don't have good jobs. Neither do their parents. Less than 50 percent of Maori do not have NCEA level 2 when they leave school. Nearly half of all people on TOP training for second chance learning are Maori.

Unfortunately it is now, when many kids have been abused and killed, that things are slowly starting to change in Maori education.




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