Friday, February 13, 2009

Poor Judith

Former Labour MP Judith Tizard can't get a job.After sucking on the public tit for more than 30 years, nobody will employ her and only small newspapers will interview her. She has revealed why she was lazy in Parliament, and asleep on the plane while she was an MP.
I get terrible headaches if I do too much. It is a non-specific viral hepatitis. I am still sleeping 10-12 hours. Its hideous(but) I'm very proud of my achievements for Auckland. I don't think I could have worked harder.

Shes probably working harder now she's not an MP - cleaning the house, filling the dishwasher, driving a car, going shopping, changing the TV channel, taking more panadol for the headaches caused by the extra workload. But as she's got viral hepatitis (and I wonder how she got it?), that may qualify her for the Sickness Benefit. But she wants to run for the Auckland mayoralty because her mum was a mayor and ran for the mayoralty at about the same age as Judith is now. When will she get the time to do her 10-12 hours sleep a day if she does, let alone knit?

The full article is here, thanks to WhaleOil.

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