Saturday, January 24, 2009

PM wants to learn Maori

John Key wants to learn Maori. He wants to be fluent in Te Reo, but says he has no time to learn it. Thats bollocks. If he wanted to learn it he'd make time for it. He could do a basic Te Reo course extramurally through Massey and it`d take just six hours a week for 13 weeks. He could relinquish the Tourism portfolio for that time and he'd easily get that done. Imagine having John Key at your Massey contact course.

But I noticed this from the Newstalk ZB report :
Mr Key was asked whether it was time for a New Zealand prime minister to be fluent in both of the country's official languages.
Given one of our two official languages is sign language, I wonder what use Newstalk ZB would see in Key being fluent in both languages, let alone one.

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