Thursday, September 04, 2008

Is it a big deal if you break the law if you are an amateur and have Ministerial connections?

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Helen Clark has has accepted NZ First’s word that NZ First made a mistake in not declaring the $50,000 to the Electoral authorities - but it is no big deal because NZ First is an amateur organisation
Miss Clark said she was taking NZ First’s explanation at face value: “They’re a small party with a rather amateur organisation, these things can happen.
I’m a small individual with a rather amateur car. If I make a mistake and go a bit too fast and get caught speeding, can I say it was a mistake if I have to go to court to pay a fine? And like NZ First redeclaring its illegal 2005 Election return, could I reverse really fast on the same area of road to undo the lawbreaking?

Or if I get caught smacking my kids - as it is against the law - and get hauled before the courts, could I say "I'm an amateur parent, with a rather small family, these things can happen."

Or would I only get off lawbreaking if I was associated with a Minister of the Crown, like David Cunliffe did when he smacked his kids.

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Blogger ZenTiger said...

Take the fine and donate it to an undisclosed Charity instead.

Show the charity name to a relative and declare that they've seen who it was.

Explain that because the returns were never done, the interest on the donation never had tax taken out of it, so IRD can go jump in the lake on that score too.

What a great system.

September 5, 2008 at 10:13 PM  

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