Sunday, July 13, 2008

Employers knew of Veitch attack

Sports broadcaster Tony Veitch's employers, The Radio Network and TVNZ, have admitted knowing some details of the assault against his former partner since last year and even offered assistance with counselling and legal advice.
On Saturday, The Radio Network's general manager of talk programming, Bill Francis, said he and another executive were notified of Mr Vetich's (sic) personal conflict following his return from the Rugby World Cup in 2007. Mr Francis said he knew of a "fracas" between Mr Veitch and Ms Dunne-Powell and that the broadcaster had paid compensation to her.
But he only paid compensation as Dunne-Powell's lawyers asked for it. Given the employers' awareness that compensation was paid surely must have raised questions as to how serious this attack was.
Television New Zealand chief executive Rick Ellis said on Saturday that Mr Veitch sought advice from senior executives in December 2007 regarding the incident with Ms Dunne-Powell.
Yet Rick Ellis wasn't made aware of this by his senior executives.So why did it take so long to announce an investigation. Because the media reported it, that's why. Nothing to do with the seriousness of the assault, more to do with saving face. Of course they knew. Therefore Veitch cannot be solely blamed if he is found to bring his employers into disrepute. Either he should have been more honest with his employers about what he actually did, or those at his places of employment - including workmates, not just management - are not disclosing all they knew. Perhaps both.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do we expect from TVNZ?

Convicted drug user/importer/dealer Mark Ellis - still on TVNZ

Convicted wife basher 'The Lion Man' - still on TVNZ

Give it a few months and Veich will be back on TV.

Wife beating is accecpted violence in NZ, along with rugby violence etc. It's just 'passion'.


July 13, 2008 at 7:58 PM  

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