Sunday, July 13, 2008

Did Owen Glenn donate to New Zealand First?

It appears so, even after proven liar - and Labour Party President - Mike Williams authoritatively said he didn't..This e-mail exchange between Mr Glenn and PR man Steve Fisher, managing director of Baldwin Boyle, occurred in February this year when the Monaco-based businessman was visiting New Zealand to open the Owen G. Glenn building at the Auckland University Business School.At a press conference at the time Mr Peters said "it is a downright lie to claim by innuendo that any money came to New Zealand First from Owen Glenn."
Steve Fisher: Our plan worked well. There is nothing new about you in here Owen. Note that Winston says you have never made a donation to NZ First, so at all costs you must stick to that line. It was definitely the right thing to do to deny the Maori party offer as well.

Owen Glenn: Steve - are you saying I should deny giving a donation to NZ First?? When I did?

Steve Fisher: No, just stick to the line of referring stuff to NZ First. What I'm saying is we don't want to contradict Winston.
NZ First has committed a corrupt practice by declaring a nil donation return if it has received a donation of $10,000 from anyone. Helen Clark will most probably not want to comment on this and say that this blatant lie is either a genuine mistake or it is boring. Why? Because, that's what Labour supporters do.They think that corruption is boring if its supporters are undertaking this corruption and front page news if its opponents are so much as rumoured by childless ministers to be committing legalities they themselves are unable to do - such as not working long hours over the school holidays as they want to spend time with their kids.




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