Saturday, July 12, 2008

National releases ECE policy

National has released some more policy.

It wants to extend the early childhood policy to five year olds - presumably those who haven't yet started school as their birthday is mid-term - so they can have 20 hours early childhood education. Except it won`t be free under National either -which is why it is calling it ECE, not 20 hours free ECE. Its a more honest policy but could encourage parents not to send some kids to school for financial reasons until they are six.

That's because although they don't legally have to, most five year olds go to school and many start mid term. But National knows that many people don't send their kids to school when they are five, and therefore they should get 20 hours ECE. Cool, I could send our daughter to school when she turns six, and instead of paying for uniforms and school fees, we could get 20 hours ECE and pay a few bucks a week on top of a child care subsidy until she turns six - and those whose kids are all under six won't have to take any time off work for the school holidays.

The only problem is that she'll miss out one year's education as all she is doing at ECE at the moment is watching DVDs, sleeping, going to the shops and playing with the other kids.

What a shame National weren’t governing last year with this policy, as I could have sent my son off to ECE for the school holidays instead of having him at home.




Blogger Keeping Stock said...

Excellent, sensible policy Dave. I will be contacting Paula Bennett for clafrification of a few points, but at first glance it looks as though it will address a number of concerns that Mrs Inventory and I have as ECE service owners.

July 11, 2008 at 1:17 PM  

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