Friday, July 18, 2008

Disgraceful treatment by media

I've just arrived back from holiday and that story won't go away. Tony Veitch, if the Dominion Post is to be believed, is not the first TV personality to break his partner's back. But he is the only one who has been hung out to dry by the media and the public jury based on something he hasn't said.

I think the way that Tony Veitch has been treated by the media and Women's Refuge has been disgraceful. Absolutely disgraceful. If this is a reflection of the state of journalism in this country then its is not just the sub editing that is substandard.

It is clear that the media wanted blood. Veitch has had no natural justice. He has resigned from his jobs, his former partner has laid an assault complaint two years after she was assaulted - not because she was injured, but because her lawyers have reacted to media coverage and suggested she press charges. She should have pressed charges two years ago.

But Veitch is not answerable to the media - he is entitled to his presumptions of innocence until he is investigated and probably charged and convicted. But until now he has had no natural justice. Why should anyone be fair game before a court appearance?

Women's Refuge is weighing in and although chief executive Heather Henare has not met Tony Veitch, she refers to him as "Tony" as if he was to her a friend or someone she knew.
What Tony understands as being the right thing to say and do is still not in touch with complete reality and accepting full and unconditional responsibility
How does she know that he has not taken "full responsibility" - everything she knows is based on hearsay.

Veitch's reported assault sounded bad enough. So did Derek Fox's fist fight with his former partner. And not much was said about Sean Plunket's conviction - reported the same day on the same paper as the breaking Veitch story - after driving at twice the legal limit. Or " Lion Man" Craig Busch, who broke his partners back in an assault , paid her compensation, was convicted and is still on TV. Or the NZ Olympic boxer who was allowed to represent his country after beating his partner. And it's not lost on me that the Minister responsible for TVNZ is Tau-thumper Trevor Mallard, who ended up in court and kept his job. He's been pretty quiet lately.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fully concur with your thoughts and comments Dave. I also wonder whether the $100k silence money Dunne-Powell accepted 2 years ago (in lieu of lodging a formal complaint) is due to be repaid back to Vietch now that the assault is no longer quiet!!??!! I also wonder whether she paid tax on the funds she received as the payment was a contribution towards 'loss of income'!!??!!

July 18, 2008 at 11:59 AM  

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