Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Peter Dunne interviewed by Gordon Campbell

Every now and then a journalist does a good interview of an MP. Last Friday it happened again. Gordon Campbell interviewed Peter Dunne.

Topics include abortion, tax - and income splitting, Kyoto and ETS, religion and being a centre party. Oh, and Christian parties.
Campbell: Do you think any of the Christian-based parties will cross the 5 % threshold this year?

Dunne : No. United Future is not in that camp, not any more.

Campbell: You’ve been through your prayer meeting phase ?

Dunne : Well, we were never really in it. I certainly wasn’t. But we had some people who imagined that United Future could become New Zealand’s version of the Taliban.

Campbell: Right.

Dunne : And they’ve now thankfully left to pursue their course to oblivion.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and that is why NZ Parents now are investigated by NZPolice and CYPS for a smack on the bum!

Never mind Kiwi Kids are still being abused and sadistically killed by the same people who's profiles are already known to CYPS and NZPolice.

Helen's Dunne-Key anti smacking law.
It just makes it easier who not to vote for.

Only 8 MP's didn't vote to penalise ordinary Kiwi Parents.

Peter Dunne wasn't one of them.

June 18, 2008 at 2:55 PM  

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