Saturday, March 08, 2008

Religious fundamentalism and climate change are key issues facing New Zealand's children, says Children's Commissioner

Do you think that climate change, rising religious fundamentalism and security concerns are key issues facing children in New Zealand? Our Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro does.. Thats what happens when you attend too many conferences overseas - one every six weeks - with people who have no concerns about the welfare of Children in New Zealand.
Fundamentalism, across the religions, is an increasing threat to children not just because of the threat to security.... Children’s rights are being negated by the positioning of children’s rights, as opposed to family or parents rights

Ha not only is she anti-religion, she thinks climate change is an issue! What about her big fat carbon footprint as she globetrots the world to attend child rights conferences.She's more of a role model for childhood obesity than for child welfare.

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