Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Shane Jones says Maori Party will go with National

Loud-mouthed list MP Shane Jones has been listening to National Radio to Pita Sharples, who said that polls such as the Marae poll make it easier to go into coalition with National.

So Jones banged out a media release saying that the Maori Party has decided to prop up National, saying that "Pita Sharples said he would sell out the solid gains made under this Labour Government by going into coalition with National". While it is not particularly helpful bagging your most likely coalition partner, calling them "Maori munchkins' of the "blue-rinse brigade" for something it did not say, it just proves that Labour is not in touch with Maori and as a result Shane Jones - who, unlike Sharples, would never have been elected as a constituent is - angry and arrogant becauser more ane more on the Maori roll are indicating that they `ll give both votes to the Maori Party.

The only way Labour will get a great number of Maori in Parliament is by puting them high on the list. If the Maori party clean up the Maori seats, the Labour Maori Caucus will be list MPs.




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