Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Helen Clark and the media

I thought this was interesting Helen Clark maintains she is open with the media, but bemoans its objectivity. She did not like the NZ Herald coverage of the Electoral Finance Bill, for example because she didn`t think it was fair and balanced - in other words, it was accurate. However, editorials are about opinion and have different media laws to news articles. Also, you can be balanced without treting both sides equally, in terms of suscessfully defencding a Press Council complaint.

Clark should consider passing fairer legislation on electoral laws rather than bagging the media for being unfair. She does not like accuracy when this accuracy is not conducive to her Government's direction. She also said media also needed to consider blogging by senior political reporters on the websites of major news outlets

Do you know why she thinks that? Because blogging provides more of the truth of what the news actually is and Helen Clark has an aversion to truth. ZIn short, she doesnt want the media discussing the Electoral Finance Bill.

I think it is a shame that the PM is voicing her opinion about the media. She is not as open to the media as she claims. There are some media she shuts out. When was the last time the student media did a profile on Clark, for example. Key did one this year. In profiles it is the subject that has to talk, not the raft of press hacks.

However, if the gay media wanted to do a profile on Clark, she`d accept double-quick.




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