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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Election II

Here's a table of what would have happened had the UK election been conducted under MMP compared to the FPP result yesterday. As you can see, the election was highly disproportionate, with the Liberal Democrats getting just 6 percent fewer than Labour but 201 fewer seats. What's also notable is that the Liberal Democrats increased its share of the vote - but got five fewer seats. Likewise the Conservatives got a higher percentage of the vote than Labour got at the previous election - but 50 fewer seats.

Five parties, including the Liberal Democrats got exactly the same combined percentage of the vote as did Labour, but got 184 fewer seats, Under MMP, with no threshold, they`d have got the same as Labour. And the Greens and the British National Party would have got a lot more seats under MMP, the Greens particularly with the one seat rule.

Political Party% VoteSeats% Seats seats, MMPMMP,1% thresMMP,5% thres*
Liberal Democrat23.0578.8149158155
Democratic Unionist Party0.681.2404
Scottish National Party1.760.9111211
Sinn Fein0.650.7404
Plaid Cymru0.630.5404
Social Democratic Labour Party0.430.520 2
BNP1.90 012130
Ulster Conservatives & Unionists0.300200
Independant010.15 111
Other1.611 700
* and at least one electorate seat.


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Friday, May 07, 2010

Election coverage

Here's live election coverage Have taken the coverage down as it it has now finished.
update( 12:30am As far as the results go , if overall percentages equated to seats, Conservatives would have 235, Labour 189 and Lib Dems 149. Instead the tally is Conservative, 298 (with 36.2% of vote), Labour 253( 29.2%), and Lib Dems 54( 22.9%). Labour has less than 7% more votes than the Lib Dems but nearly 500% more seats.

Greens got 200k votes and 1 seat. Lib Dems 112k votes per seat. Conservatives 34k per seat. If the Sex Pistols were still around they`d be writing a song called "MMP for the UK".

And...if the Conservatives and Lib Dems form a coalition, the UK will be a Con Dem Nation!

Final results later.


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