Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why can't they go flatting?

More than 11,500 people live alone in state houses with two or more bedrooms.

At the same time there are 502 people living in garages, campgrounds, cars, caravans or on the streets while waiting for a state house including 117 children under five years old.

Why on earth cant these single people in state houses be made to have flatmates like everyone else?




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh but they do. Its just not registered as such but a great way to make extra dosh without having your rent upped.
And worse they will never be caught at the game because HNZ doesn't have sufficient staff front line to do proper inspections. Tauranga has two people to manage over 600 tenancies. They hold no property keys so when an inspection is slotted if there is no one home its tick the boxes stuff.
Now I don't blame the frontline for that. It is clearly a Wgtn issue. Its policy not to hold keys and to have no staff depsite the fact they get paid 550 million to operate the dept and another 350 mil from rents. It would be cheaper for HNZ to give the tenants their houses and sack everyone in HNZ.
This is the link to the new ministers report. One whom I think will be useless at sorting it all out.
This is the link for it.

You might also like to follow the topic here where HNZ is being discussed.

December 21, 2008 at 7:48 PM  

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