Saturday, August 16, 2008

Unemployable Georgina Beyer to move to Aussie cause former mates won't give her a job

Georgina Beyer is annoyed that Labour has not appointed her to any boards since she resigned from parliament. She is annoyed as she is on the dole.
"I have all this accumulated knowledge and experience and no one wants to employ it, and I'm not sure why," she said."That I'm of no further use to my country is why I'm considering Australia, that my former parliamentary colleagues seem not to want to appoint me to anything, but are quite happy to accommodate others who have left or are about to, so as to shut them up from whingeing from the sidelines in election year.
"One could be forgiven for being a little vexed
I hear sex work pays well in Australia, Beyer has accumulated loads of knowledge and experience in that field.




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