Monday, May 05, 2008

It is easy feeding your family on $170 a week even if you don't shop the specials, but eat one piece of toast for breakfast and one sandwich for lunch

The Sunday Star Times shows how to feed a family of four on $170 a week, which is a little over what we spend feeding our family of four each week. What is interesting that the supplied, and unpriced $170 shopping list only includes food. Ours also inclues essential supermarket purchases as toilet paper, cleaning materials, dishwashing liquid and washing power, nappies/ pullups - and if we can afford it, alcohol and magazines.

The Menu is pretty good, but it is hardly filling. Would you eat one piece of toast for breakfast? You can get away without peaches with your morning porridge; we have two sandwiches for lunch instead of one. The meat volume is very conservative - you can get double that amount of meat at the same price if you know where to shop the specials.




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