Friday, May 16, 2008

Former Immigration head did not have a PhD as claimed in her CV

Wow. This is staggering. Another John Davies (from Maori Television Service fame). But worse. Mary-Anne Thompson resigned because she was feeling the political heat over her CV and it has been confirmed by the London school of Economics that she did not have a doctorate from that college after all.But she does have an MA from Victoria. So it appears she doctored her CV to get a role in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, after being appointed chief economist at the Ministry of Maori Affairs in 1990. Who were the bosses that employed her? The Immigration Service didn't even have a CV on file, after Thompson was quickly shifted to the Immigration service from the DPMC in 2004 after reportedly falling out with Heather Simpson.

Cullen admitted in Parliament that the Government found out about the allegations against Thompson in April 2007, but said it was a matter for the department's chief executive. Given this latest news it is no employment matter. It's gone way past that now. Helen Clark will be glad she`s in Japan.




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