Wednesday, February 06, 2008

hungry hookers lose sex appeal

Old sex workers are going home hungry because all the young underage girls are taking their business.

So says former sex worker Mamatere Strickland, who says she assists sex workers over 18 who want to leave the sex industry.

Thats rubbish. They are going hungry because they spend all their money on drugs and they can't or won't get jobs in parlours or outside the industry. They may habe less money because they are old and crusty.

The problem is that Strickland is working with those who want to stay in the industry, not those who want to leave - which is why she she moans when their income levels drop.

Keep the old hookers hungry - that`ll make `em leave. And at the same time, take the supply off the kids by arresting their clients and pimps.




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