Friday, February 01, 2008

'God hates fags' crowd to picket Ledger funeral

Actor Heath Ledger's funeral is to be held next week and guess who is going?
Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas has announced their plans to picket at Heath Ledger’s funeral because the actor “promoted homosexuality” by his film ‘Brokeback Mountain’ in which he played a gay man.
Fred Phelps leads the church, which demostrates their strong conviction against gays, lesbians and soldiers by picketing. "God hates the tacky bucket of slime seasoned with vomit known as Brokeback Mountain and he hates all persons having anything whatsoever to do with it,” the church wrote on a flyer

The full flier is here. Their blog post "Heath Ledger is in hell - way to go doomed America" is here.One thing they don't appear to be aware of: The funeral is to be in Perth, Australia.

Heh.Dumbasses. I hope they try to go the the funeral, get the wrong plane and end up in Wellington. I`ll be only too pleased to meet them at the airport.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if people will picket this guy's funeral with "God hates false teachers" signs when he dies

February 1, 2008 at 5:41 PM  

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