Friday, December 14, 2007

There goes NZF donation tax rebate of $53K

As most people know, NZ First donated $158,000 to Starship hospital, as a way of paying back money ruled to have been illegally spent on the 2005 election.

Starship Hospital have given it back to NZ First. So the money is still in the NZ First bank account generating interest. Ironically the interest generated to date is approximately the same amount that National had to pay back for its overspending.

Given that NZF has paid Starship it acknowledges that some money has to change hands, and Mr Peters said he remained determined to give the money to a good cause rather than the Parliamentary Service.

Could Winston Peters please get hold of me. I can give him the name of a worthy cause that will not give any donation back. I also hear that the Labour Party is interested in recieving a donation from NZ First.


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